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Translation and transcreation


Translations from English to Italian

Translations from German to Italian

Translations from French to Italian

  • I started translating at, a high-traffic e-Commerce website in 13 languages: I worked for a whole year in-house for them and, after several years, I still translate and update their content on a weekly basis.
  • I have worked in-house for Wordflow Translation and Software Localisation: there I learnt how to localise a business software (SAP) for several business applications.
  • For almost four years, I worked in the e-manual department of Nintendo of Europe, in Frankfurt am Main, and localised game e-manuals, marketing texts and software updates.
  • During my career, I have specialised in the world of localisation (software, websites, video games) and in translation of contracts, in the field of international relations (collaboration with Italian Consulate and Chamber of Commerce), politics and macroeconomics.


Transcreation from English to Italian

Transcreation from German to Italian

Transcreation from French to Italian

  • I have worked as a video games translator and have taken care of the localisation of in-game texts on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoles.
  • I have localised an NC Soft MMORPG (total volume: over 2 million words, as part of a team).
  • Localisation of smartphone apps, browser games on Facebook and other applications.
  • Transcreation of literature texts.
  • Experience in the field of marketing and e-commerce.