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Some people just have it… and I have always had an in-born passion for languages and writing since my early childhood. My deep love for words and cross-cultural communication lead to an easy decision to make when I had to choose my path later at school and for my studies.

Therefore, I started learning English, German and French at school for five full years obtaining my diploma of languages with the highest score, 100 out of 100.

Later, I moved from my home city, Catania, to Forlì (University of Bologna) where I studied International Relations.
This course of study was comprised of Politics, Macroeconomics, WTO and ILO regulations, International Law, Statistics, EU regulations, and again English, German and French. After the bachelor, I enrolled for the Master in International Economics and conquered both titles with honours.

Back to pure Linguistics: before leaving Forlì, I completed a course about Marketing and Communication in English at SSLMIT (School for Translators) and then left to travel through the “Europe of my languages”. I immediately started translating and interpreting during my collaboration with the Italian General Consulate in Leipzig and with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany.

As a translator, I have been working as both a freelancer and in-house, thus refining my language skills and learning how big international firms operate and what their needs are. I have worked in Leipzig, Bologna and Frankfurt am Main, and have lived in Germany and in England.


Thanks to my broad range of experiences, I have specialised in the following fields:

Government and Law:

  • EU
  • Politics
  • Human Rights
  • Macroeconomics
  • Business and Commerce
  • Law and Contracts


  • Websites and e-commerce platforms
  • Software
  • SAP
  • Video games (Nintendo video games, MMORPGs, browser games and smartphone apps)


  • Marketing campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Websites
  • Transcreation (reinterpretation of a text in a creative way) and adaptation for a target market
  • Tourism

I am always learning something new, so I have recently completed two courses on HTML and Web Writing for Translators as well as three courses dealing with the Translation of Contracts and Civil Proceedings… and I am looking for the next challenge already.